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Fandom Profit Secrets

“Here's Why YOU Should Be Creating High Quality Info-Products That Target EXISTING Niche Fanbases!”

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FANDOM Profit Secrets

3 Facts About Selling Info-Products...

  • Fact: Many info-products released don’t make a profit and struggle to break even.
  • Fact: Your chances of releasing a hit info-product is slim to none if you don’t know how online sales work.
  • Fact: Making money online with info-products has changed dramatically in recent years.

It's a cold, harsh truth... 

Thankfully there's a secret to creating info-products for niche groups of people who WANT to buy them!

Gone Are The Days Of “Build It And They Will Come".

The reality: Even if you created the best information product in the galaxy ...if you ignore TWO KEY FACTORS, your project is dead in the water!

What does your product need to succeed?

Traffic and Trust!

Many information product marketers think they create demand for their ‘hot new product’ by buying the ‘right ads’ at the ‘right places.’

Too many find out – several thousand dollars later – the Return on Investment for their hard-earned marketing dollars simply aren’t there.

Other marketers think they can just “blog their way to the top.”

After tens of thousands of words posted and who knows how many months wasted, these ‘info product bloggers’ have very little to show for their time and effort.

Don’t get me wrong: Buying ads and blogging CAN lead to success. But if you’re starting out or you don’t have the resources, the failure rate for those marketing strategies is simply too high to ignore.

What is the problem?

You Need A Product That Can PULL Targeted Traffic From The Internet!

It has to attract customers like a MAGNET.

You also need to post content to your target audience that builds their trust. This is almost impossible to do affordably if you’re going to produce the content yourself or pay someone else to write it.


Thankfully, you can use a powerful SHORTCUT METHOD to attracting lots of eager visitors to your site while saving a fortune on content.

  • FACT: Right now, there are many online communities made up of devoted fans of movie series, TV shows, book characters, and others called FANDOM.
  • FACT: Fandom community members eagerly share content, join, and participate in a wide range of social media and other platforms talking about and sharing their love for their object of obsession..
  • FACT: While relatively smaller in numbers, fandom communities generate a lot of fan-created content and buy lots of fandom related merchandise.

Use This Strategy To Solve Two Info-Business LETHAL PROBLEMS:

(1) Create Trust Building Content  

(2) Finding Targeted Traffic

Just by creating a fandom-specific platform, you can attract lots of eager fans without having to mortgage your home to buy content.

They supply the content themselves!

You just need to provide an engaging online place where they can relax and hang out with fellow community members.

Since fandom communities already exist online and can be found on almost all social media platforms, you can start pulling traffic from these today.

No Need To "Create Demand" When It's Already There!

Absolutely no ‘pre-launch branding campaigns’ needed...

  • The demand already exists.
  • The fans are already out there.
  • And they are motivated.

So far so good, right?

Understanding how Fandom works and appreciating its benefits is one thing, actually CASHING IN on fandom is another thing entirely...

Allow Me To Introduce...

Fandom Profit Secrets PLR

Here's A Few Things You'll Learn Inside This New Course:

  • How to track down different fandom niches
  • How to compare fandom niches and pick higher profit niches
  • How to figure out which platform type will suit your fandom target market
  • How to get more fandom content and keep your visitors engaged
  • How to get your visitors coming back again and again
  • How to make more money from your platform through optimization
  • How to send out fandom emails your fans can’t open and click on enough!
  • How to earn more from your fandom platform by offering products that seem to WRITE THEMSELVES!

... and so much more!

Here's An Overview of Each Lesson...



No matter how ‘hot’ the idea behind your info product may be, you will probably fail.

Please realize that there were many other marketers before you who had hotter and ‘better’ ideas than you.Yet, most of them fell flat on their faces and failed.  Why?

They failed to focus on the TWO KEY PROBLEMS every info product business needs to solve.

For an info product to succeed, it must get traffic and this traffic must be attracted using the right content.

The good news? There is a simple solution that delivers both content and traffic at the same time!


PLR Lesson 2

Fandom solves the two key problems info product marketers and publishers face: Traffic & Content.

When you plug into a fandom community, you access a group of potentially eager buyers who excitedly check out new blogs or mailing lists dedicated to the object of their obsession.

What’s more, they create their content and freely share it with other fans on a range of online platforms.Fandom communities are very loyal. Learn how to research fandom communities the right way

Get the information you need to set up a fandom platform that’s more likely to earn you a consistent profit!


PLR Lesson 3

Just because people are excited about a TV show, movie, or book character doesn’t automatically mean you can create a successful info product based on them.

Fandom communities are not created equal.

Some have fewer fans but they can turn out to be more devoted and likely to spend cash on their fandom obsession.

Learn how to tell fandom apart. Learn to use data points that will help you properly predict which fandom communities have a higher chance of making you money.

Figure out how to get information you need to set up a fandom platform that has a higher chance of success.


Lesson 4

Finding fandom communities with eager fans is just the first step.

You have to make sure if fan enthusiasm in certain communities can make you money or not.

Warning: this is the point in the fandom info product business creation process you have to be extra careful.Learn about the key steps you need to take to make sure you pick the right fandom target to build your business on.

Discover the key considerations you have to use when filtering fanbases.The right choice is not always obvious. Read this lesson to get the inside scoop on proper fandom selection.


Lesson 5

Believe it or not, finding a fanbase of people eager to buy products related to their cult obsession is just the first step.

Learn how to set up the right platform for turning fandom community excitement into cold hard dollars.

This lesson teaches you the ins and outs of proper platform building so you can create information products that have a high chance of selling.

Learn how to share fandom content on your platform the right way so it can pull in new fans and potential buyers. This lesson also warns you of a very common mistake many info product marketers make and how you can avoid.


Lesson 6

Turn your Fandom content into a Sales Funnel.

Now that you have built a platform you can use to fan-generated content to pull fandom community members from social media and other platforms, using a specific strategy for turning these visitors into buyers.

This lesson gives you the inside scoop on how to turn your fandom content and community platform into a sales funnel.

Learn tips and tricks for finding fan fiction that can help you establish a solid fandom brand in your niche.Finally, this lesson helps you figure out what and how you’re going to sell to your community members and scale your sales over time.


Lesson 7

Selling anything online requires building trust.

If you don’t believe me, think about the last time you bought anything online from a source you don’t trust.I’m willing to bet that you can count those sales with one hand or less.

The bad news: just because you’ve built a fandom content platform that harnesses your community’s excitement and loyalty to certain brands and a matching mailing list, this may not be enough.

This lesson teaches you how to run your fandom platform in a way that builds your community’s trust in your brand over time.
More trust means more profits for you!


Lesson 8

Make more money off your Fandom traffic

One of the most exciting things about fandom marketing and info-products is the amount of time and money you save by not having to create content.

Fandom communities produce fan fiction, memes, and other materials. You only need to ‘curate’ these on your platform to pull fans over to your wiki, blog, or mailing list.

The problem?

When you just republish fandom content to your platform, you may be posting stuff your fans don’t care about. You may also be ignoring content your fans love.

This lesson teaches you how to fix this problem so you can make more money off your traffic.


Lesson 9

Optimize your mailing list signups while increasing your overall conversion rate

Now that you’ve put together a mailing list and sales funnel built on top of optimized and carefully selected fandom content and well-managed traffic, why aren’t you making the money you hoped for?

Your content may be ‘sticky’ and get your visitors to click on page after page of your content, but if you don’t get them to sign up for your mailing list, you wont’ be making much money from your fandom site.

This lesson teaches you how to optimize your mailing list signups as well as increase your overall conversion rate through higher email open rates and click throughs.


Lesson 10

Even if your fandom mailing list is making you money like clockwork, you can still be leaving a lot of money on the table.

This lesson teaches you how to optimize the information products you’re selling through your mailing list.

Please remember that your list is made up of eager fandom community members.

Many of them can’t resist new products and services related to the object of their obsession.

Learn how to source new info product ideas from your community so you never run out of products to sell.

You’ll also learn how to optimize your products so you only end up selling products that have a higher chance of converting your list members into repeat buyers.

A Few Questions About Creating FANDOM Content...

  • How do you know which content to use?
  • How do you structure your fandom platform so it actually makes money?
  • How can you set things up so your site gets repeat traffic?
  • How can you maximize your income from your platform?
  • How can you set up your fandom content system to produce more money over time?

FANDOM PROFIT SECRETS answers all the questions above and much more!

This Course is the only product you’ll ever need to turn Fandom marketing opportunities into REALITY!

If you want to take your Info-product business to the next level, use the power of FANDOM MARKETING to help your business SUCCEED.

When You Complete This Course, You'll Be Ready To Profit From Literally ANY Niche Group Of Loyal Fans!

How Much Will This Set Me Back?

Usually when money is concerned we’re inclined to close our eyes and grit our teeth, you may be thinking that all this material at your fingertips is going to cost quite a bit...

But, relax! It's not going to have the $497 price tag it deserves...  It wont even be  $297  or even $97... 

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One last time, here's the course lessons...

  • Lesson #1: Times have changed so info product publishers need to change too
  • Lesson #2: What in the world is fandom and why should I care?
  • Lesson #3: How to find fandom interests
  • Lesson #4: Create your shortlist of fandom targets
  • Lesson #5: Deciding On How to Capitalize On Your Selected Fandom Market
  • Lesson #6: Setting Up A Fandom Sales Funnel
  • Lesson #7: Fandom Conversion Secrets Revealed
  • Lesson #8: Optimizing your fandom content
  • Lesson #9: Optimizing your fandom monetization
  • Lesson #10: Optimize your fandom info products

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