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From: Robert Bolgar & Niranjan Pradhan

Dear Friend,

We have made a MINI FORTUNE selling video products. And we understand you are here reading this sales page because you want to know how we do it.

But before we move forward we want to share some of our numbers with you just to make sure that we WALK THE TALK!

We've Made $49,261 in Gross Sales in the Last 3 Months Alone Selling Video Products!

What Do Those Numbers Mean?

Simply put they mean people LOVE VIDEOS!

There is a huge growing demand for video products and there is an ever growing market of consumers that prefer video content over any other content type.

Our success with videos is a testimony to that!

And as a business owner that is great news for you. You can sell video products to the huge pool of consumers and make serious business out of it.


Making videos is not easy.

You see, we have been doing videos for ages now and have a proficient team behind us doing the work. Even then it’s a very costly affair for us to create videos.

Here’s what goes into a typical video…

  • You have to hire a copy writer to create the script for the video
  • You have to hire a voiceover artist to create professional quality audio (Nah…machine generated awkward sounding voice won’t do the trick if you are serious about your videos).
  • You then need to create the actual video which may involve specialized skills and a lot of your time.

I can sense, you are thinking about outsourcing.

Please don’t even get me started on that. Outsourcing a single video can run into hundreds of dollars per minute and when you have to create quality content using thousands of words long scripts the cost can run into thousands of dollars.

We KNOW, because we have done that in our business in the past.

We wanted to create a solution that would help you leverage the video craze and position you to profit from it.

And we wanted to make sure the bulk of the grind was taken care of, so it was super easy for you.

That thought led us to decide to create a Done for You Video product with Private Label Rights License, so you could simply put your name on it, sell it and keep 100% of the Profits.

The Money Is In The List!

Think about it for a moment…

How did you come to know about this amazing special offer today?

I am sure you got an email from a marketer that you like and trust.

When you saw the email in your mailbox from your trusted marketer, you immediately clicked on it out of curiosity about what he had to say (remember you already trust him which is why you clicked on his email).

Then you read the email and were compelled to click on the link to explore more about the offer.

You then landed on this page and got hooked to everything we had to say so far.

When you click on one of the links on this page to make this amazing investment in your business today…

We will make money

The marketer who recommended you will make money

And you will get to own a product worth $1,000+ in real world value for less than 1% of that, which you can sells for multiple fold profits for years to come.

That’s the power of having a LIST of people who trust and like you.

  • We know it!
  • You know it!
  • Your customers know it!

And when you sell them a high quality video product that will help them build a list, they will beg you to take their money in return.

Once we pivoted on this much needed product, what came out after months of work is…


"5 Different Ways To Make Money Online"

Here is exactly what you will get instant access to:

MODULE 1: 5-Part Video Series

This 5-part video series is professionally recorded so you get the highest possible quality.

Each video topic contains in-depth research to deliver up to date, top notch content.

These videos were recorded strategically so you can use them together as a series or separately as 5 stand alone video lead magnets!

Secure your copy of these top shelf videos and start getting more subscribers today!

Here Are The Exact Videos You'll Get INSTANT Access To:

Video 1:

How to make money blogging

Video Length: 02:55

Video 2:

Make money with YouTube affiliate marketing

Video Length: 05:23

Video 3:

How to make money reselling other people services

Video Length: 03:27

Video 4:

How to actually make money with drop shipping

Video Length: 03:59

Video 5:

How to make money with Quora

Video Length: 03:08

Here Is A Sample Of One Of The Videos!

Use These Videos as if YOU Created Them!

MODULE 2: Raw Audio Files

You get access to everything you need to deploy high quality video lead magnets.

You're also provided the original RAW audio files so you can offer your customers more ways to consume your content.

Use these along with the transcripts and you can re-create the entire course with your own video software if you please.

You Can Even Make Your Own Audio Lead Magnet!

MODULE 3: Word-For-Word Transcripts

Brand The Entire Video Course With Your Own Voice If You So Choose!

In all reality you really can recreate the whole video course in your own voice by recording yourself reading the transcripts.

Add your new recorded audio to the videos and presto... New product in your own voice!

This method is for the real money makers who go the extra mile to re-brand everything as their own.

Add Your Own Voice With These Word-For-Word Transcripts!

MODULE 4: High Converting Squeeze Page

You get the complete-setup starting with a ready-to-go squeeze page, email confirmation page and finally the thank you page / download page...

This squeeze page has a very clean and neat vibe about it. It's simple design is intended to give a feeling of trust to your potential subscribers.

Simply add your autoresponder form code to the opt-in page and start generating fresh leads!

All of the pages are Mobile Responsive which means they are perfectly view-able on all devices large and small.

2 Step Squeeze System: Opt-in Page -> Confirmation Page

MODULE 5: Follow Up Email Messages

Use these 5 pre-written email messages to ensure your new subscribers stay engaged and watch the videos.

Each message will direct them to watch the video for that specific day. 

In a nutshell - all you have to do is pre-load these emails into your autoresponder service to turn subscribers into engaged future customers!

A Complete Follow Up Sequence That's Pre-Written For You!

MODULE 6: Video Streaming Minisite

With these "Mobile Responsive" video pages you can direct your new leads to each individual page for their viewing pleasure...

There is even a place for you to recommend any product you want!  It can be your own product or even an affiliate product, the choice is yours.

MOBILE RESPONSIVE Streaming Video Pages

MODULE 7: Professional Graphics Pack

This ready-made, high quality graphics pack is yours for the taking... You can use it as-is or edit the graphics to match your brand.  It's really up to you!

You get the full graphics pack including:

  • Minisite Template
  • Flat Designs
  • eCover Graphics
  • Various Buttons

PNG files and Fully Layered Photoshop files are included!

Fully Layered Photoshop Files Included!

MODULE 8: In-Depth Keyword Research

In-depth keyword research has been done for you so you can reach the right customers with the correct keywords...

Effective keyword research is a must if you plan to get eyeballs on your video lead magnet and convert them into returning customers.

Use these keywords to Laser target your ad campaigns to specific prospects.

Use These Keywords To Laser Target Your Ad Campaigns!

MODULE 9: License Pack

And you also get the Private Label Rights, Master Resale Rights and Basic Resale Rights licenses with this video lead magnet.

This way if you want to sell the video lead magnet to your customers as a way for THEM to generate leads you have the means to do so!

These licenses grant you the permission to use the product above according to each license.

"Private Label Rights", "Master Resale Rights", "Resale Rights"

Your Special BONUSES For Taking Action Today!

Fast Action Bonus #1: Extra Squeeze Page Template

Leave No Lead Behind With The "CLEAN EXIT" Opt-in Page Template

Add this clean squeeze as an exit page to your other sites and when visitors leave they get sent to this page. It is very clean and straight to the point to reduce confusion thus your visitors will know exactly what they need to do...

Generate as many leads as possible with this Fully Mobile Responsive, minimal design squeeze page.

Catch Visitors Attention On EXIT With This Super Clean Design!

Fast Action Bonus #2: Promotional Email Swipes

Use these to promote to your existing customers 

Use these pre-written email swipes to get immediate engagement from emailing your current subscribers or use the solo ad to get new subscribers.

Simply choose your choice of email swipe, pick a subject line, paste it all to your email manager (autoresponder) and you're done!

These swipes have been written with high conversion rates in mind so you will get the most out of them.

Time Saving Promotional Email Swipes Pre-Written For You!

Fast Action Bonus #3: Promo Feature Box Graphic

Use Other Vendors Download Pages To Your Advantage

This feature box graphic promotes the Video Lead Magnet above giving you even more ways to get new subscribers on your list and convert them into customers! Use it on your thank you pages for other products.  

You can even offer it to other vendors to use as a bonus on their thank you pages.

Size: 600 x 600px

Formats: JPG, PNG & PSD File also included for editing.

Have Other Product Vendors Build YOUR List For You!

Here are the Formats included with this premium Video Lead Magnet PLR Package...

We’ve Combined The Power of Videos and List Building Into PLR Video Magnets

We have done all the hard work for you…

  • We have created the content
  • We have done the voiceover
  • We have created the premium quality videos
  • We have created the opt in pages

All of that cost us $2,467.37 to be precise and a lot of our personal time.

We have spent more than 124 hours on this project.

How much is 124 hours of your time worth?

How about 10 hours of your time?

What do you think would be the value of just ONE HOUR of your time?

If you are reading this page, and are serious about building an online business, then I am sure it would be way more than $27.

And all you need to INVEST in your business today is $9.95.

Look, we could easily sell this product to a limited number of customers for $47 and have happy customers thanking for the amazing value for price.

But this is a warrior special offer and we want to reach out to as many people as possible and give them a chance to profit from videos like we have.

We know you are expecting an INSANE DEAL, that you just can’t say NO to!

That’s why I am not going to charge you $47 $37 $27 today!

For an EXTREMELY LIMITED TIME, you can get this product for just $9.95.

That’s less than a nice steak dinner for two in your favorite restaurant.

Order 'Video Lead Magnet' PLR Package Today Before The

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Secure No-Risk Acceptance Form:

"Video Lead Magnet" PLR Package:

Yes! I want instant access to the "Video Lead Magnet'" PLR Package which includes the following:

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    Module 1: 5-Part Video Series
  • check
    Module 2: Raw Audio Files
  • Module 3: Word-For-Word Transcripts
  • check
    Module 4: High Converting Squeeze Page
  • Module 5: Follow Up Messages
  • check
    Module 6: Video Streaming Minisite
  • check
    Module 7: Professional Graphics Pack
  • check
    Module 8: In-Depth Keywords
  • check
    Module 9: License Pack
  • angle-double-right
    Fast Action Bonus #1: "Clean Exit" Squeeze Page
  • Fast Action Bonus #2: Promotional Emails  
  • Fast Action Bonus #3: Promo Feature Box

Order your copy today, so you don't miss out

on this special offer!


30 Day No Questions Asked, Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee!

It is normal for you to have doubts regarding this offer, therefore you are covered with an UNBREAKABLE 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

If you want to order I insist you do so entirely on my own risk and after 30 days, if you are not satisfied with the results, simply ask for a refund and your money will be given back to you immediately with an apology note for having wasted your time.

I am going to do this because I am so confident that once you get your hands on this "Private Label Rights Package" you'll be shaken up emotionally at the thought of handing it back!

Kindest Regards,

P.S. You can download this entire package immediately after payment...

Get Your Copy Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Great effort has been made to explain the product as clearly as possible, but here are a few FAQs to further clear up any worries you may have. 

Q- What Can I Do With It?

Almost Anything!

In short, the product is yours to do with what you please except for reselling the Private Label Rights. 

Whether you want to repackage it as subscription content, a presentation, an audio series, make it more detailed, or you simply want to put your branding on it and sell it; you’re free to do it.

Q- Is The Text In Native English?


All of the content you will find in this PLR product has been written and recorded by a native English speaker.

Simple, intuitive understanding is essential and we will not settle for less, as such our materials are written by native speakers with a strong grasp of language and communication.


Q- Where Do I Begin?


Included with your purchase are quick start video tutorials to help you get going.  We wouldn’t dream of simply leaving you in the cold and making you find your own way.

The video tutorials included are intended to help you get your bearings and make a start selling. 

Q- What If I'm Not Happy With It?

Not a problem!

As confident as I am that you’ll love this PLR package, if for any reason that you’re not satisfied with your purchase simply send us a support ticket at https://primosupport.com and we’ll promptly refund your money. No questions asked.

You get a full 30 days to go through the product.


Private Label Rights Terms:

Get a quick glimpse of your license to the PLR package below.  You can re-brand it as your own, resell it and keep all the profits!

[YES] Title and contents can be edited.

[YES] Can put your name as the author.

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus.

[YES] Can edit the Opt-in Pages and Graphics.

[YES] Can be added to a PAID membership site.

[YES] Can give away and keep all of the leads generated.

[YES] Can be repurposed to other formats.

[YES] Can be translated to other language(s).

[YES] You agree to handle any support issues for this product.

[NO] May not resell or give away Private Label Rights (PLR) - You may not provide the editable source files such as PSD, PPT and Word DOC files, etc...

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